Strategic Marketing

A Strategic Marketing initiative sets an essential framework for marketing products and services that are focused, comprehensive and practical, forming a great and positive step forward to any company’s success potential.

CLOUDIBS aims to provide clients with the core value of strategic marketing services through a unique implementation and measurement of Strategic Marketing initiative results. The process simply begins with identifying strategic objectives to create a subtle marketing challenge and using uniquely customized framework that aims to deliver a marketing mix specifically addressing that challenge.

CLOUDIBS’ Strategic Marketing enhances your company’s strengths and mitigate its weaknesses to help you widen your success potential while you remain strongly and clearly positioned within the market.

Financial Modeling

In order to create a business model that is well understood by all stakeholders of a business, the management team needs to deliver a financial model that realistically reflects that business model. A clear challenge arises when aligning the business’s strategic initiative to its financial performance.

CLOUDIBS offers realistic, flexible, and scalable financial models enabling your company to accurately self-evaluate its present and future financial performance in real-time. Albeit operational complexity and external factors might form a challenge, financial modelling services by CLOUDIBS is your solution of choice in order to have a modeling framework that helps you grow your business.

Business Process Modeling

A Business Process Model is a series of structured activities producing a specific product or services for a customer. Our process modeling approach sheds light on a chain of events within a company rather than focusing on minor functions or procedures in isolation. The main challenges when modeling a business is the complexity of organizational operations along with the cost of identifying and streamlining value-based processes.

CLOUDIBS simplifies your organizational operations and models the value delivery of the activities within your business entity. Additionally, it models the value transfer from a business entity to another with flexible adaptation of industry standard practices. CLOUDIBS purifies all processes to eliminate the non-value adding processes to your business, while cascading resources to the value adding ones. This in turn yields process efficiency and achieves more business sustainability and growth.

CLOUDIBS works closely with you and spares no effort identifying the best fit modeling approach that is fit to your business, taking into account your resources, culture, and strategic objectives.

Business Continuity Planning

Stand out in your industry by keeping your operations up and running through the toughest adversities and uncertain times, including emergencies, natural disasters, or even regulatory framework changes.

With CLOUDIBS, your business operations are well protected by a systematic prevention and recovery Business Continuity Plan that ensures a lower level of risk and smooth running of your business. CLOUDIBS can help you mitigate your operational risks and provide you with a business continuity plan that adapts to your organization’s resources and culture. Get peace of mind and watch your business bloom while your growth and success remain highly resistant to potential threats.

Human Capital Planning

Are you retaining your superstar employees? How many more employees does your next operational cycle need? What type of skill set would make your business tick and become a sure-fire success?

With CLOUDIBS Human Capital Planning services, you can now hire, train, retain, and evaluate your workforce within a clear and flexible plan. Using international standards and best practices, CLOUDIBS helps you identify the key ingredients to exclusively recruit skilled human resources that add value to your business.

Profitability Optimization Solutions

To optimize profits, to cover expenses and reduce them, to make the most of your financial resources are all things a business leader like you will not stop pursuing. There are many factors that affect a business’s bottom line. But which of these factors matters the most and have the greatest impact on your business?

Optimization solutions from CLOUDIBS focus on the main factors that impact your financials and provide you with the right statistical tools and training to optimize your bottom line. Given your resource constraints, these unique solutions deliver measurable and direct value to your business.

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