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    to calculate financial figures instantly.
  • New Generation Business Solutions
    For the Strategic Mind
    Take your
    to the next Level
  • Deliver Value Through Partnership
  • Achieve Goals Through Creative Development
  • Overcome Geographical Barriers and Cultural Challenges
  • Realize Results with Passion

Grow your business leveraging state of the art Technology Check out our services.

Welcome to Cloud Integrated Business Solutions (CLOUDIBS)

We are a multi-industry specialized business solutions company. Technology is at the core of our solutions surrounded by strategic business objectives that steer organizational initiatives, enhance productivity, optimize operational costs, and trigger rapid growth.

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Set Strategic Objectives
Plan to Achieve Objectives
Own the Right Technologies
Grow and Sustain

Business Solutions

Strategic Marketing

Plan strategically and focus your marketing efforts

Financial Modeling

Establish sound financial models for your business lines

Business Process Modeling

Streamline your operational processes and maximize productivity

Business Continuity Planning

Gain a competetive edge and plan for the unexpected

Human Capital Planning

Plan for your most valuable assets and invest in their success

Profitability Optimization Solutions

Seek to optimize your profits and maximize your growth potential

Technology Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Easily enable software solutions that cater to your entire enterprise

Enterprise Collaboration

Enhance availability and trigger productive communication for your customers and employees

Enterprise Architecture

Provide enterprise architectures that are resiliant and scalable

Software Modeling

Customize iterative models and align your software model to your business model

Project Management and Implementation

Conquer your projects to deliver on time and within budget technologies

Cloud Computing

Explore the wide variety of options available on our secure and private clouds

Value Adding Services

Training and Development

Providing training programs that are designed specifically to enhance productivity

Human Capital Outsourcing

Get top experts delivering results without the overhead