FinCalc Privacy Policy

FinCalc is not in the business of doing anything with your user data. We believe such information is privileged and belongs exclusively to you. We do not store or transmit your personal details, nor do we include any advertising or analytics software that transmits to any third party.

What Do We Collect?

The FinCalc application on iOS does not collect any individual information, or connect to the internet. FinCalc’s main purpose is to calculate and deliver results to your screen.

In some circumstances, however, application features delivered to you in an update may connect to our private cloud for the sole purpose of updating data supporting the added functionality or for anonymous data analytics that help us identify trends to enhance FinCalc.

What Do We Do With The Information?

In the event data about your device is collected, it will only be used in an aggregated fashion to see what devices people are running FinCalc on. This helps us identify how far back to support various operating systems for example or which languages will we need to add in the future, and so on.

Contact Us

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